PowerDNS / PostgreSQL & Web Interfaces 2

After a bit of eat and drink, as well as a half hour of zOMG why is this not werking!?!?! (iptables), Supermaster/Superslave is operating famously. It seems to “just work”. No complaints thus far, which is, well… highly unusual for me to put it lightly.

Feb 03 05:35:55 Received NOTIFY for flixn.com from for which we are not authoritative
Feb 03 05:35:55 Created new slave zone 'flixn.com' from supermaster, queued axfr
Feb 03 05:35:55 gpgsql Connection succesful
Feb 03 05:35:55 No serial for 'flixn.com' found - zone is missing?
Feb 03 05:35:55 AXFR started for 'flixn.com', transaction started
Feb 03 05:35:55 AXFR done for 'flixn.com', zone committed