Dakota Five-0 registration opens tomorrow, April 1

The following was clipped from the Dakota Five-0 Facebook Page

Registration is set to open up tomorrow morning at 7am mountain time. I hope all goes smoothly as we are using a new company, and I haven’t been able to get in to preview the registration yet.. There is a link on our Five-O registration page that links directly to prerace registration page or you can log onto prerace.com, search Dakota Five-O and this should direct you to the registration page. Like I said, I hope everything goes smoothly!! Pedal Power

If you are planning to do the event, get signed up as soon as possible. There were quite a few folks left out in the cold last year because they didn’t think it would sell out as fast as it did! It is certain to sell out again this year, probably even faster!

Victoria’s Secret Videos

The Victoria’s Secret Loop is riding excellent and recent re-routes (documented on this site) really enhance the experience. On Sunday, March 18 several of us as well as a couple of very eager canines rode the loop and captured video of the event. After a bit of editing there are now two videos on the Victoria’s Secret page, one providing a sort-of brief tour of the loop and the other showing the entirety of the section called Secret Stash, enjoy!

Spring Maintenance


With Spring only a week away the Black Hills are experiencing summer-time weather. As tempting as it is to just get out and ride, remember to do a thorough once-over on your equipment and that bike you hastily rolled into storage last Fall. With bicycles, periodic maintenance is a necessity and you just never know what type of failure might try to ruin one of those first long rides of the season!

This is also one of the times when every trail user must take responsibility for not damaging the local trail systems. Even though it may be sunny, warm and seemingly dry outside, sections of the trail may be wet enough to be severely damaged by even a small amount of use. These are your trails, so don’t wreck ’em.

Victoria’s Secret Update

The Victoria’s Secret Loop has been updated to reflect the current route (with more single-track!). The various trail segment descriptions have also been updated with proper names, so you no longer have to use silly descriptions like “that one downhill after that one road crossing before that one uphill next to that creek”. Enjoy!