New Sturgis Area Resource: Visit Sturgis

A new resource for visitors visiting the Sturgis area recently launched, it is a website called Visit Sturgis. The Visit Sturgis website contains a wealth of information visitors would have a hard time uncovering in a short trip without a local guide. Not only will the new website be useful as a planning tool for those who will be visiting Sturgis as a pre-planned destination, but also for ad-hoc visits. Sturgis sits directly in the heavily trafficked Interstate 90 corridor and as a result sees many thousands of visitors every year who are simply passing through.

The resources and information on the Visit Sturgis website will cover the usual suspects, such as information about lodging, restaurants, and local businesses of interest. The website will also contain a great diversity of information about local events, and little known avenues for recreation.

Sturgis plays host to many events in addition to the well known Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, these include the Sturgis Camaro Rally, Sturgis Mustang Rally, Tatanka Mountain Bike Race, Sturgis Gran Fondo, and many more.

There are also many miles of non-motorized single track trails accessible directly from town that cater to mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, dog walkers, and horseback riders. See the recreation information on the Visit Sturgis website for more information about accessing these trails.

While this website may have been recently launched, it already contains valuable information that can not be found elsewhere. Expect it to continue to grow into and every more informative resource as time progresses.