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  1. Superb!

    Took a while to make it work, now im just wondering if im allowed to use it.
    Just cant find a lisence or copyright notice anywhere

  2. William,

    You may use it under the terms of a 2-clause BSD license, I have updated the source to reflect this.

  3. William,

    Woops, added comments. I’m not really using this code at the moment, but I am more than happy to accept patches for the sake of posterity.

    Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you’ve found this useful.

  4. This is an excellent piece of software and from looking at your demo page this does just what I need.

    However, I’m having trouble getting this to work. The problem seems to be that upload.php is not receiving the port number via the pipe to ajax-update.php. If I run ajax-update.php from the Unix command line it returns a port number on stdout fine.

    Can you make any suggestions about how to install the software? Any special configuration needed on Apache? I’m running Apache 2.054 and PHP 5.04 on Fedora Core.

    Any help much appreciated.

  5. Well I finally got the code working yesterday. For some reason on my system three lines of information are returned by ajax-upload.php. The first two appear to be blank lines (need to investigate) and the third one contains the port number.

    Because there is only a single fgets() in upload.php it retrieves one of the blank lines rather than the port number from the pipe. I added two more fgets() calls and hey presto it works…well sort of.

    With a large upload (15Mb) the status bar gives up at random intertvals (once at 37% another time at 76%) but the upload actually completes successfully.

    I will post with more info when I have it.

  6. Well I now have everything working. I can’t explain the cause of the strange behaviour I reported before and I could not find any reason. In the end I downloaded all the files again from your repository and it just worked. I must have corrupted one of the files when I uploaded it to my server that is all I can think of.

    Anyway apologies for the false alarm and thanks for designing such a superb solution for PHP file upload progress monitoring.

  7. Hi
    The page is no longer available to download the source files. Any chance of posting another link?
    Best Regards

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